After you have earned a certain amount of BTC, it’s time to exchange them for the money we are used to.

To do this, use the Exmo exchange.

1. Go to the site, enter your email and click “Sign Up”.

2. Come up with a username and strong password, which is recommended to write somewhere to avoid loss.

3. Upon completion of registration, we get to the “Finances” tab, there we find the line “BTC” and click “Deposit”.

4. Click “Create Address”, after which we get a Bitcoin address to which Bitcoins will be transferred from KuCoin or any other exchange you used to sell tokens.

5. Using the example of the KuCoin exchange, in the “Assets” tab, we find Bitcoin and click “Withdrawal”.

6. 1) Copy and paste the wallet number obtained on
2) Enter the number of BTC that we want to withdraw, do not forget to take into account the commission.
3) Enter the answer to the secret question that was specified during the protection of your KuCoin account.
4) Enter the two-factor authentication code.
5) Click to “Confirm”.

7. After confirming the transaction, the BTC balance on the Exmo exchange will be updated and now it can be sold. To do this you need:
1) Go to the “Trade” tab.
2) Select the desired currency pair
3) Below the schedule, select “Instant order”, enter the number of BTC that you want to sell and click “Sell BTC”.

8. After someone else buys your BTC, the currency you chose will appear on the balance sheet. To get them go to the section “Finance” and on the line you need, click “Withdraw”.
Choose a convenient withdrawal method, for example, Payer, enter the amount, wallet number and click “Withdraw funds”.

We hope that you have successfully withdrawn your earnings into your wallet.
Successful AirDrops 🙂