To receive tokens, as well as their subsequent exchange for real money, you will need an Ethereum wallet.

Optimal use of wallets to which you have private keys, and which support the accrual of tokens.

IMPORTANTLY! It is not recommended to use exchanges as a wallet, since the tokens on it may not appear or the owners of the exchanges can assign them to themselves and you will not receive anything!


1. -Go to the site:
   -Think up a complicated password and click on the “Create Wallet” button

2.  1) Save the Keystore file (UTC / JSON) to your computer

      2) Then click on the “I understand. Continue.”

3. -Save or write down the private key of the wallet on paper and do not send or show it to anyone under any pretext.
-After click on “Save your address”

4. 1) In the “Wallet Information” section, select “Keystore / JSON File” as a way to access your wallet.
2) Then click on the button “Select a file with the wallet” and select the file obtained in step 2.
3) Enter the password that was created at the very beginning.
4) Click on the “Unlock” button.

5.Copy the number of your wallet from the “Your Address” field and save it in a text file to your computer.

IMPORTANTLY! Save all your data (private keys, password, Keystore / JSON file), in a safe place, you can even on different media, otherwise in case of loss you will lose all the tokens and cryptocurrency that are on this wallet.

It is also not recommended to use the wallet with, since it is impossible to manage tokens in it. You will not be able to send them or look at the balance until you import private keys to another Ethereum wallet that supports tokens.